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Dr. Sharon Silverberg


AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Sharon has dedicated herself to empowering others to live a life worth living. Among her abilities as a therapist, she is able to create a safe and trusting environment in which to work towards one's personal goals. She combines empathy and understanding and both professional and personal experiences to promote emotional healing. 

Sharon's personal style is said to be down-to-earth, genuine, and authentic, while her therapeutic style is an integrated approach with a holistic view. She sees each person as unique, with varying needs. Sharon's theoretical style is cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal based. Sharon uses a variety of therapy strategies to reduce anxiety or panic, calm worrisome or negative thoughts, and help you to manage mood swings, current life stressors, or relationship problems. 

Do you experience worry, self-hatred, confusion or feelings of loss or emptiness? With an energizing and enthusiastic style, Sharon has the ability to help you improve your life. It is up to you to take the first step!

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